How to disable Avast

It happens many times, that antivirus protection has blocked installation of new application or drivers. Since antivirus don’t allow installations that have an unknown source and sometimes report them as a threat. Therefore while installing some software you need to disable your current antivirus temporarily. This article for avast users. We are going to discuss how to disable Avast on Windows or Mac. 

If you find that you are not able to install new software due to Avast, then disable avast. Avast stops the installation of any new software. It detects any changes done by unknown application as a threat.

Procedure to disable avast antivirus

To turn off avast temporarily, see below methods. You can disable avast on your windows and mac using below methods.

 Steps to disable avast on Windows

You can follow below method to disable avast on Windows 10, windows 8 or windows 7 PC. 

  • Look for Avast’s icon in your Windows taskbar. Click on this icon and select “avast! Shields control!”
  • Now you will get four options with following these durations. Disable for ten minutes, disable for one hour then disable until computer is started and disable permanently. Choose the time duration you want.
  • Once you select the time duration, confirm your decision. Click on yes to disable Avast for the time duration you want.

Disabling individual Avast antivirus shields in your Windows

  • Firstly, Select and right click on Avast’s icon. Click on Open Avast user interface from the options.
  • Then, Go to settings and select “Components.” You will get a list of shields active on your system. You will be able to see three levels of protection in Avast, they are as follows:
  • A file system to protect the files in your computer.
  • Mail shield to protect your system from incoming mails that may have malicious content.
  • A web shield to monitor the websites you are browsing to identify any suspicious activity.
  • Select the option “On next” to each shield. You will get different time durations to be selected for disabling a particular shield. These time durations will be like: disable shield for ten minutes, for one hour, until computer is started and permanently.
  • Then, Click on OK once you select the time duration. You will find that particular shield to be off in Status.

Disable Avast antivirus on Mac

Mac users can follow these steps to disable Avast antivirus:

  • Firstly, Go to search box and type Avast Security. Open it.
  • After that, Go to preferences.
  • Then, From the three types of shields (File system shield, Mail shield and web shield), select and disable the shield you want. Enter the administrator password to disable Avast on Mac.
  • Finally turn on Avast from preferences and click on Enable.

Don’t forget to enable Avast once you have completed your work. If you have any issue during this process, feel free to take the help of customer support team. Their technical experts can guide you in installation, uninstallation, disabling and enabling your antivirus. You can call them 24*7 and get help.

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