Chrome OS and Chromebooks are designed by Google therefore they are not attacked by viruses likes on Windows. Since Google protects its users from viruses, you don’t require any antivirus software on a Chromebook. But as we all know that it is not possible to design a system that is completely free from threats. It is not completely sure that someone will not get access to your Chromebook. So, here we will discuss about best antivirus for Chromebook.

Chromebooks are Virus free or not?

Chromebooks can be virus free because of their system design. Operating system of Chromebook is based upon the secure Linux kernel. Therefore it is said that Chromebook is virus free.

Still, many people want to know about best antivirus for Chromebook. There is no need to buy special antivirus software to be installed on a Chrome Book. Chromebooks has an in-built malware and virus protection with its Operating System. This procedure provides multiple layers of security to Chromebook. Among the few apps installed on a Chromebook, most of them are web based. In chromebook the data stored on the ChromeBook hard drive is being encrypted. If you are signed in to your account, no one is able to access data from a different account and attack with a potential malware. Therefore chromebook users get a very secure system to protect the user data.

Securing Chromebook 

If you try to install antivirus in your Chromebook, you will face problem because when the Chromebook is in the default state, the user is able to install web applications only. You can safely run these applications. You can even fix the problem if you find that a website is slowing down your computer. Simply turn off and turn on your computer to smooth it’s working. 

How to Remove Malicious Extensions and Malware from ChromeBook

Since you are aware now that ChromeBooks cannot be affected by viruses infecting Windows or MacOS computers, users often install some Chromebook extensions or browser addons. This results in slowing down the performance of computers and web browsing experience. In this way malware gets into your Chromebook. 

 Google frequently releases updates for the Chrome Operating System.  There is no antivirus available for Chromebook as well as it doesn’t require a scan.

When browser based threats start affecting the user security in Chrome operating system, Google spot these issues easily and send updates. If browser extension is slowing down your Chromebook, simply reset your Chromebook’s browser extensions and see if the problem persists. 

How to reset browser extension on ChromeBook

Problem with browser extensions is often mistaken with a virus in Chromebook. If you are finding sysptoms like it has a virus, turn off extension syncing off by going to Chromebook settings. Now reset your Chromebook. Now before turning back the extensions on, fix the problem with the system. This is going to block the re-installation of bad browser extension as other PC extensions can cause the problem. 

Follow these steps to fix the issue if Chromebook acts like it is affected by a virus:

  • Go to Settings.
  • From the system tray, go to Settings OR Type ‘chrome://settings’ into the search bar. Hit Enter
  • Go to People option and select Advanced Sync Settings from there.
  • Choose what you want to Sync from the drop down.
  • Unmark Extensions and Click OK.
  • Look for Show Advanced Settings and click on it.
  • Search for Reset Settings and click on it.
  • Click on Reset. Check if all of your extensions are disabled or not.

This was all about antivirus for Chromebook. If you are facing any issue with your Chromebook, you can take the help of customer support team anytime 24*7.

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