How to Mozilla Firefox Critical error red screen_

Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen is an ad site that is made to mislead people and trick them into calling a fake support service. When your computer is attacked by Mozilla Firefox Critical error red screen scam, you will get some intrusive advertisements. It will not delete or infect your files but computers setting will be changed in such a manner, that you will see some unwanted ads. 

You will get lots of ads into the websites you are visiting and will advise you to download and install some malicious apps that are totally unnecessary. This ad supported software records your surfing details and take information about your user info. Further, the scammers can sell your details to a third-party that can misuse your details. The first step to be on safe side is never click on the links provided to prevent yourself from navigating to malicious sites.

How to remove Mozilla Firefox Critical error red screen

In this article we are discussing some effective methods to remove the error. Read below to get some useful tricks.

Removing Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen manually

  • Use Microsoft windows control panel to remove the adware. Check the list of installed apps on your system. Delete the applications that are unknown to you. Programs that are spelled incorrectly or have varying capital letters are the ones that are installed by malware. They need to be cleared immediately. 
  • Fix infected web browsers shortcuts. The adware that is the main source of this error also hijacks the shortcut files for Windows. To resolve this issue, right click on the shortcut file of internet browser and go to properties. Go to the target field and click inside it. There will a vertical line arrow pointer. Move this arrow to the right side as much possible. A text is added there http://site.address remove the text after .exe. Click on OK to save the changes. Clean the internet browser’s shortcuts. Now repeat this procedure for Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft edge.
  • Go to Mozilla Firefox and press the three horizontal lines icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on help button. Select Troubleshooting information. Click on Refresh Firefox button. Click on Refresh.
  • The next step is to remove unwanted scheduled tasks. If the Mozilla Firefox Critical Error red screen webpage appears again and again then you have to check the Task Scheduler Library. Remove all the tasks that were created by this scam. Press windows and R keys simultaneously from your keyboard. A run Dialog box will open. Type “taskschd.msc” in the text field. Press OK. A task Scheduler window will open now. Click on Task Scheduler Library. Select the first task and go to its properties. Click on Actions. If you see something like ‘explorer.exe.http://site.address” or “chrome.exe.http://site.address” then remove it immediately as it is very harmful. Repeat the steps for all such tasks found. Close the Task Scheduler window.

Follow above steps carefully. If you have any problem, call on the toll-free number of customer support team. 

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