Block Someone messenger

Here you will see the simplest way of Blocking someone from your Facebook messenger account. Block someone from your messenger means that person cannot contact you and will not be able to message you. Use some simple steps to block someone from Facebook messenger.

You can block someone on messenger without blocking them from Facebook. Both things are different. If you block someone from messenger, not from Facebook then your profile will be visible to that person like your profile picture and your posts etc. but that person will not be able to message you or call you.

After blocking any person from your Facebook messenger, you both will not be able to see one another activities like online active status. When you login and till when you are online, that person cannot be able to see your online status and you will also.

If you don’t want to get any message from anyone than you can simply block that person from your Facebook messenger.

To block someone on messenger, simply open your Facebook messenger than open the conversation of that particular person whom you want to block from Facebook messenger after that you will see a blue exclamation mark at the top right corner of the conversation screen. Click on that exclamation mark and a new page will be opened named as details. Here you will see a lot of options like audio call, video call and many more. One of these options is block. Simply click on that option named as block. By clicking that block option, you can block that person from your Facebook messenger. After that, that person will not be able to contact you through Facebook messenger. You will also not be able to send any message to that person and you cannot contact that person through messenger audio call and video call. If you want to contact that person you have to unblock that person from your Facebook messenger and you can contact that person.

You can unblock that person anytime whenever you want.  To unblock that person, click on your profile picture at the top left corner of the messenger window. After clicking on profile picture, you will see many options like notification, story and people etc. simply click on people, here you can see the list of people whom you have blocked from Facebook messenger and from Facebook. To unblock a particular person, search the name in the search bar of that person and you will see that person, click on that person name and tap the toggle next to block messages to unblock that person. After unblocking that you can get your old chats again. No message will be deleted if you block someone from Facebook messenger. Just unblock that person and you can read all the old messages.

Now you both will be able to chat on messenger and he can call you and you also can call that person.

This is the simplest way to block someone from your Facebook messenger and unblock them anytime.

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