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At this time most people will aware of Facebook, and also know about the Facebook group. In case you want to delete a Facebook group. Group can be any type like friends chat group, entertainment group, study material group, and it can also be a valuable asset to your business marketing but they don’t always work out the way you planned.

If you have a large membership then they can be extremely time-consuming. Unless they are contributing to an exclusive business objective, it is hard to justify keeping them alive.

Deleting your Facebook group is rigid and ultimate. Once you have done this then there is no option to go back. After deleting the Facebook group, you will lose all the contents and threads. So before deleting Facebook go for other options too.

Assign new admin to Delete A Facebook Group:-

Friendship form in groups (it may for any purpose like chat, business, study, etc) members make real connections and support each other. To delete a Facebook group and destroying these relationships can end in hurt feelings and also damage your reputation.

You can do one thing, instead of deleting Facebook group hand over it to a new admin. Look for active members from a group who might want to take this role.

If you hand over the Facebook group to a new admin, then disconnect the group from your business consider remaining it so that members can see there has been a change.

You can pin a post to the group explaining the handover and welcoming new admin.

Here are the steps to assign new admin:-

  • Click on the ‘members’ option.
  • Click on the three dots next to the member whomever you want to give admin right.
  • From the drop-down menu select to make an admin.

Change the group name:-

It can be discouraging when you grow an engaged group but members constantly recommend your competitors in their comments. It is because you didn’t make it clear that the group is owned by your business when you set it up.

By changing the group name you can fix the problem. Here are the steps to change the group name:

  • Click on the three dots which are below your cover photo.
  • From the drop-down select ‘Edit group settings’.
  • Now, type in your new group name next to ‘Group name’. (Change your Facebook group name with the newly branded version)

Add branding to your Facebook group cover photo

Group cover photo size is 1640px by 859px. Now use your preferred graphic tool, to create a Facebook group cover photo that includes your brand logo also.

Link the group to your page

By linking your page to your group lets you post, likes and comment as your page on your Facebook group.

Here are the steps to link your group to your Facebook page:

  • Click on the three dots under your cover photo.
  • From the drop-down select ‘Edit group settings’.
  • Under linked pages/, click on ‘Link your page’.
  • Now click on ‘link’ next to the page you want to link.

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