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Spotify technology is a Luxembourg based  European American media services provider. Spotify Technology founded in 2006 in Sweden, this company’s primary business is its audio streaming platform that provides podcasts and DRM- protected music from record labels and media companies.

As a free service, basic services are free with advertisements like a radio station, or some automatic music video. Quality will be improved for paid subscriptions.

Spotify Technology was launched on 7th October 2008. It provides access to over 50 million tracks to its users. By using Spotify users can browse by some parameters like artist, album, and can create, and also share a playlist. Spotify is available on most modern devices including windows, macOS, and Linux computers, and iOS, Android phones, and tablets.

As of October 2019, Spotify had 248 million monthly active users, on which 113 million people are paid subscribers.

Spotify profile picture:-

At this time, you know most of the people use social sites and keep updated themselves from time to time. And you know people almost change their profile picture on any social site Spotify also from the desktop or mobile app.

Here are some ways to change profile picture on Spotify:

How to change profile picture on Spotify on the desktop app:

  • Here are some steps to change Spotify profile picture from the Desktop  app:-
  • From the desktop app, sign in to your Spotify account.
  • After that click on your profile name to load your profile which is on the top right of the app.
  • After that, click on change. The option to upload your picture will load. Go to the folder on your computer where you have the picture which you wish to use. Then select the picture.
  • Now, your Spotify picture will change to the uploaded picture.

How to change profile picture on Spotify on mobile app:

The steps to change the Spotify profile picture on the mobile app are something different from the desktop app. While the desktop app allows you to upload the picture from your PC, with the mobile app, you have to be connected with your Facebook account.

  • Here are some steps to change Spotify profile with mobile app:-
  • Sign up to your Spotify account on the mobile app. After that click on the home button.
  • After that, click on the settings option which is on the top right corner of the app. Then your profile will be load.
  • Scroll down until you don’t find the option to connect to Facebook.
  • Next, click on connect to Facebook.  Spotify will attempt to connect to your Facebook account.
  • To give a permit, click on the Facebook account you wish to connect to. After click on it, continue.

Once your Spotify profile starts by using your Facebook profile you can change in two ways:-

1:- You can change the profile picture from the desktop app.

2:- You can update the profile picture of your Facebook account.

In case, you don’t want that Spotify uses your Facebook profile then you can disconnect your Facebook account from the Spotify account.

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