How to Change Spotify Username

Spotify is the most popular audio streaming platform in the world. Services of Spotify are exceptional, and nowadays, everyone has the application installed on their phones, laptop or computers.

When you use Spotify then you also want to change its username. Most of the users don’t how to change Spotify username.

Here are some steps to change Spotify username:

Sign up Spotify with Facebook:-

Go through with the below-given steps to sign-up a new Spotify account using Facebook.

  • Go to the Spotify website and select the signup link
  • Now, select sign up with Facebook
  • After that, enter your Facebook login details and select a login.

How to connect Spotify to Facebook

If you have already a Spotify account then you can connect it with Facebook and display your Facebook name and profile picture.

  • First of all, open the Spotify app and go to the settings
  • Now, go to the Facebook section under the social header and select Connect to Facebook.
  • Enter your details and log in

    Open a new Spotify account:-

Not everyone likes linking their Spotify account with Facebook account because of some privacy. If you do not use a premium Spotify account, then it can be managed very easily. All you need is to get a new account and make use of the username of your choice. But, if you use a Premium Spotify, then it will not work, but don’t need to be panic. You pay some money to Spotify, and when the month gets completed, create a new account with the username of your choice.
In case, your Spotify account already linked with Facebook account and need to undo it? So you do it by following below-given steps:

  • Launch the Spotify app
  • Now, click on the Settings app which is at the right corner
  • The next thing that is to be done is head to social. When you get to social, select disconnect from Facebook
  • Now, you can go ahead to open a new account.

How to create an Account on Spotify:

  • Go to Or you can download the Spotify app, install it and launch it
  • Now, fill certain details
  • Put in your email
  • Confirm this email
  • Select a password that you can remember
  • Now, select a username. One thing makes sure when choosing a username, you must select a name that you will not be changing anytime soon.
  • Fill other details and select sign up
  • Now, your Spotify account is created with the username of your choice.

While this is in progress then your old Spotify account will not be deleted. So, to ensure that no one recognizes you with your old username then simply delete it.
One more thing, deleting your old account not is simple to do it in one action. Here are some steps to delete it:

  • Go to if you use it on a laptop or desktop. If you use it by Spotify app then simply launch it.
  • Login your Spotify account and fill the details
  • After filling the details, you will be asked some certain questions and you need to give the right answer.
  • Now, select subscription
  • Select, I want to close my Spotify account permanently
  • Select, close account


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