spotify error code 3

When Spotify error code 3 occurs, it prohibits you from accessing your account from the Desktop app or Spotify website. Spotify error code 3 mainly happen due to incorrect password or username. One thing is necessary to know, this issue is not a silly mistake. If you don’t remove this as instantly then you can trouble with more difficulty in the future.

What was the cause of Spotify error code 3:-

It is general, that everyone wants to know the actual reasons for any issues, because if you are not aware of the cause then you trouble with the issue again and again. Cause of the Spotify error code 3 is either an incorrect username or password, incorrect email id or due to VPN tool.

Solutions to resolve Spotify error code 3:-

Here are many solutions to resolve the Spotify error code 3. Go through the below-given steps to resolve the issue easily.

Reset password of Spotify account to resolve Spotify error code 3:-

Whenever you got the error of Spotify error code 3, first thing crack in your mind to reset your Spotify password. Because sometimes by resetting the password it will resolve the issue. So, go through with below-given steps to reset your Spotify password.

  • Firstly, Launch the Spotify official login page. Now, from the top right corner click on the sign ion option. Now, enter your email address which you use for Spotify. Then, press on the Next button.
  • Now, find the forgot password or reset password from the next page and tap on them.
  • From the recover your password screen, you will see a box for entering your email address. Keep in mind, enter that email address which you use for Spotify account.
  • Enter the captcha which you receive ion your screen and tap on next. It will send a security code to your email address.
  • Open your email address and check that security code. Enter the security code on your Spotify verification page. Now, you can reset your Spotify password.
  • then, go through with the onscreen instruction and fill all the necessary details and change your password.
  • Now, enter a new password to open the Spotify account and check to see it works or not.

Use username instead of email or vice versa:-

If you are getting troubled to use your Spotify account in other devices then it may be due to the wrong details.

  • Open your Spotify account in which device you are already being used.
  • Select the account overview which is on the left side of the window.
  • Now, you can see your profile information like username, DOB, country, email which is at the right side of the window.

So, you can check to see Spotify will work.

Uninstall VPN:-

VPN is a toll. You can uninstall it by two methods.

 Utilizing window settings:-

Navigate to window logo which is at the bottom left corner. Open the menu and tap on the Settings option. Now, tap on apps. All installed applications will show on your screen. From here find the VPN tool and tap on it to uninstall.

Utilizing control panel:-

Press window and the R key at same time. A run box will be open, type control and tap on OK. The Control panel window will be open. Make sure that the category is set as view by if not then tap on the downward arrow and set it.

After that, tap on the program and program and features. Now, you will get a list of all installed programs on your screen. Find the VPN tool from the lost and click on it to uninstall.


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